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Handmade Jewelry
lost inheritance

SOIL is a story of unearthing stunning design and art form that is pure and simple. A story that’s natural and unhurried.


Of humble artisans living at the very edge of extinction, huddled at -76°F (-60°C ) in hamlets 18000 feet into the Himalayas or in the deep crevices of the desert with unbearable temperatures of over 122°F ( 50°C ), silently carving and weaving the tapestry of a timeless evolution, with the magic of their hands.


SOIL is the story of Handmade India, of traversing its very gut, harnessing the talent of these unsung heroes, who tirelessly have held the thread of a heritage and culture that remains to this day, the very foundation of haute.

Haute Couture
the magic of handspun
"a symphony
of natural
caring fabrics"

Fabrics of passion

The goodness of nature, handspun,
hand woven, hand colored,
with the ancient wisdom of extracting
natural dyes and yarns.

All crafted by highly skilled artisans frozen in time,
threading piece by individual piece that,
that would stun the world.

For the love of handspun

Limited edition creations of uncommon
beauty and integrity in baby soft cottons,
ravishing silks, inimitable pashminas,
warm woolens, cozy furs, or even softened jute.

All handspun & loomed by awesome artisans,
with love.

organic healing fabrics
Awesome Khadi
the romance of the spindle
Changthang Valley
virgin pashmina - the original cashmere
Desert Storm
sexy sarongs
Warm Ladakh
hands of heaven
Ahimsa Silk
fabrics of compassion
Tribal Tapestry
the threads of time
Yoga & Meditation
respect your self

The glow of internal joy

Yoga is a way of life, a discipline that
embraces ethical living, holistic being
and meditation, to attain the ultimate
goal of liberation (moksha).

Both, the yoga of physical posture and
meditation cyclically enable each other,
thereby attaining supreme bliss,
for those who respect and live its practice.

Organic Yoga Mats
the magic of healing herbs
Meditation Ensemble
experience the power of the Self
grace and gratitude

Bring home your beloved's blessed shrine


Is it not sheer grace that even though you are unable to visit your Lord’s sacred shrine, the Lord makes way for his blessings to reach you.


Blessed temple deities, blessed pendants, sacred Bodhi leaf, rosary beads, an entire ensemble for your own sacred space, wherever you may be.

Blessed Temple Deities
blessed replicas of temple idols
Sacred Bodhi Leaf
the tree of awakening - Bodh Gaya
Blessed Darga Sharif
the great sufi saint Moinuddin Chishty
Prayer Ensemble
your own sacred space
everlasting love
"Unfurl the
secret art
of seduction"
Female Ensemble
the scent of a woman
Male Ensemble
the irresistable you

Secrets of the courtesans of yore

The art of seduction remains elusive and privy
to the courtesans of yore.

Propounded by the Hindu philosopher Vatsayayana, ‘a celibate Brahmin/Priest’, between 400BC and 200 AD.

The creator of the Kama Sutra understood that displaying affection, being intimate and having sex is an art form. Through these physical expressions of love, humans become more virtuous in their physical and emotional interactions, which allows them to give and receive everlasting love to and from the world.

Discover the truth of unending love for the one you are and for the one you want.

surrender to the cobblers of yore

Natural evolution


Man has walked much, barefoot, but then evolved to create foot-care by terrain, climatic conditions and available local resources.

Initially rough, tough and utilitarian and then gradually embellished, to cater to the needs of nobles, kings and queens.


    The passion of hand-stitched


    From the highlands of Tibet,
    the North Eastern Himalayas and the frozen deserts of Ladakh,
    to the sand dunes of Rajasthan and exuberance of Punjab.

    All hand stitched and so very rare.


    A bygone era


    Sustained through time by a handful of artisans that,
    at a cottage level,
    retain the essence of the loss of our inheritance.

It is quite inconcievable to imagine what the artisans put in just to make one pair, but what you certainly will get is the warmth of their loving hands
Haute Tibetan Boots floor the world
Hand Knitted Woolen Socks snuggles
"On the verge
of extinction,
the cobblers
of yore"
Traditional Pure Leather Jutis reviving royalty
Warm Mocassins Ladakh pure natural recycled
positive living
Much like the pyramids and the mystery that shrouds the power
of their inner spaces, the science of Vaastu is an ancient system
that aligns positive energies of nature and restores balance
between the built space (microcosm) and the cosmos (macrocosm),
thereby building harmony, health and prosperity.

Evolved between 6000-3000 BCE, it spread across Asia, China and Japan
and claims the basis on which Feng Shui originated, some 3000 years later.


cleansing, energy balancing, uplifting View Collection
Saffron Tea
the golden elixir

Paradise on earth : Kashmir

From the rolling meadows in the highlands of the Kashmir valley, grows this elusive tiny flower. Saffron.


Most expensive spice in the world

Claimed as the most expensive spice in the world, its delicate aroma and golden hue have captured the hearts of aristocracy since time and till this day, is sought after by connoisseurs across the world.

Saffron Tea pure organic herbal ready to drink tea
Musical Instruments
the birth of music

of the heart"

Musical Instruments
musical India
Life Changing Readings
truth above all
"A book where every word in the world

would be proud to be in."

Regarded as one of the hundred
most brilliant books of the 20th century,
the phrase unputdownable defines
not only the book and its author,
but also the person reading it.

Toys & Games
the fun of doing things together
Ancient Board Games
the joy of togetherness
Organic Wooden Toys
Cheerful toys for kids