The Science of cleansing, energy balancing, uplifting



The 5 metal Vaastu lamp is created on the principles of Vaastu shastra (sacred texts) and has proven over time to provide the desired energy connection and positive change in the dwelling and its occupants, subject to its appropriate placement, usage with reverence and belief.


Infact this magical lamp creates the desired positive changes in harmony, health and prosperity without any need to make any physical changes to the structure or its interiors, be it homes, office or factories.


Vaastu shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture which governs designing of man-made structures. A part of the Vedas, the word 'Vaastu' in Sanskrit means dwelling. Vaastu pertains to the physical, psychological and spiritual order of the built environment, in consonance with cosmic energies. Gift one to yourself or to someone moving homes and feel the palpable energy of grace. Buy online for free shipping worldwide.