cruelty-free, vegan clothing accessories

Cruelty Free Vegan Silk


From the remote villages of the north eastern Himalayas comes this ever so loving vegan silk, eri, or cruelty free / non-violent silk. Caring for our world and concern for defenseless tiny worms, highly skilled specialist artisans ingeniously retrieve this awesome silk yarn without boiling or killing them and then, spin the magic of creating ethical, eco friendly, natural, gorgeous fabrics that are far too rare, far too special, for everyone to own.


Just enough for the world to admire.


Hand spun, hand loomed by highly skilled artisan families living on organic farms, they take up to three weeks to create just a single piece of this invaluable fabric.


Eri silk is produced by 'samia cynthia ricini' which feed on leaves of the castor oil plant (ricinus communis). It is also called endi or errandi silk that is known for its soft and warm texture.